Croissants & scrambled eggs R 45,00 Served with bacon and cherry tomatoes   Wendy Breakfast R 35,00 O

  Crumbed mushrooms R 35,00   Served with tartare sauce, fried to perfection   Chicken nuggets R 45,00   Served

  Junior breakfast  R40,00  Scrambled egg,bacon,chips and toast   Fish fingers and chips R 45,00  

  Chilli chicken R 55,00 Strips of chicken served in a creamy chilli sauce   Chilli beef R 55,00 Strips of

  basic salad standard with all salads - lettuce, tomato, mixed peppers, cucumber, celery, carrots   French salad Basic salad with French dressing R 45,00  

    Cheese R 37,00   Cheese and tomato R 40,00   Cheese, ham and tomato R 42,00

    Cheddar, tomato and onion R 48, 00   Chicken and mayonnaise R 54, 00   Spinach and feta

    T Bone (400g) R 115,00 Served with rice or chips or baked potato and vegetables   Rump Steak (400g) R 130,00

  Pizza bread R 40,00 Served garlic and butter   Pizza bread sticks R 40,00 A basket of bread sticks served wit

        All burgers served with chips   Huckleberry's burger R 50,00   BBQ burger R 55,00  

    Chicken burger R 50,00   Cheese chicken burger R 55,00   Cheese pineapple chicken burger

  Ice cream and chocolate sauce R 40,00   Italian kisses R 45,00   Try one of our cakes R35,00

  Coke, fanta, etc R 16,00 Grapetizer, Appletizer R 20,00 Mineral water still or sparkling 500ml R 16,00

  Filter coffee R15,00 Refill R 8,00 Bottomless (4 servings) R 25,00 Café Americano R 15,00

  Chocolate R 25, 00 Milo R 25, 00 Horlicks R 25, 00      

                  Brutal Fruit R18,00 Bavaria R 20,00 Black Label, Castle, Castle Lit

                House Wines Dry white and semi-sweet Per carafe R 25, 00 500ml R 38, 00 1l R 75, 00 Red Per carafe R 25,00 500ml R38, 00 1

                Brandy Klipdrift R 15, 00 Richelieu R 15, 00   Rum Red Heart, Captain Morgan,Barcadi R16.00   White Spirits Ma

                Margarita (Tequila Special) R 36, 00   Daiquiri R 36, 00   Long Island Iced Tea R 54, 00   Sex on the Beach (tropical sedu

 Fisherman's platter (serves two) R180,00   Crumbed prawns, crumbed calamari, mussels, fish bites,potato croquets and chips. Served with garlic  butter sauce or sweet chilli.