Coke, fanta, etc

R 16,00

Grapetizer, Appletizer

R 20,00

Mineral water still or sparkling


R 16,00


Still 1,5l

R 26,00

Rock shandy

R 30,00

Fruit juices (ask your waiter for selection)


R 18,00



R 20,00


R 25,00

(Coffee, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, lime, banana or bubblegum)

Frulatta (Fruit juice blended with ice cream)

R 30,00

Ice cream float

R 30,00

Lipton iced tea (ask waiter for selection)

R 19,00

Passion fruit, lime or cola tonic

R 9, 00

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A 10% service fee to e charged on all tables with 6 or more patrons